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What are the steps involved in the ECHO2 Plus Oxygen Treatment System?

The ECHO2Plus Professional Skin Treatment System uses the following four steps...

  1. EXFOLIATION - This is defined as the active removal of dead skin cells that form daily on the skin surface. It is an essential part of cleansing the skin.
  2. CLEANSING - The ECHO2Plus Oxygen Treatment System utilizes an exclusive Cleansing Solution which is applied after a thorough exfoliation to condition and tone the skin. Utilizing only natural essential oils (no alcohol or is ever used in the ECHO2 Plus Oxygen Treatment System), this special formula acts as a gentle astringent to kill harmful bacteria.
  3. HYDRATION - Here, a unique process known as Osmotic Hydration is employed using enzymes and amino acids to draw moisture from the air as well as beneath the skin, targeting the critical cells lying beneath the outer layer of the epidermis. In this critical phase of the treatment, an intense topical vitamin mask is applied employing hand massage techniques.
  4. O2 XYGENATION - Once the skin has been properly prepared using the previous steps of Exfoliation, Cleansing and Hydration, the application of pure oxygen gas, along with concentrated forms of Vitamins A, C and E and 87 other land minerals begins. A cool, soothing therapeutic blast of oxygen and nutrients is propelled deep into the dermal (lower) layer of the skin where it adheres to the red blood cells and the collagen and elastin fibers.

What does oxygen do for skin?

Without oxygen, all cells will die almost immediately, including skin cells. As we age, our bodies, and especially our skin, lose their ability to retain and utilize oxygen for normal metabolic (formation of new cells) processes. Add to this, the effects of stress, pollution, smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise and you have a serious oxygen deficiency in the skin.

By targeting the deep dermal layer of the skin where new skin cells form and eventually rise to the surface, the ECHO2Plus Oxygen Treatment System places over 180,000,000 oxygen molecules per second into this critical area. Here, the oxygen molecules attach themselves to the red blood cells, as well as the collagen and elastin fibers to stimulate production of healthy new cells and to increase the strength and suppleness of the skin.

How does the ECHO2Plus Skin Treatment System help my skin?

This unique skin treatment program uses 87 different vitamins, minerals, Amino acids, and oxygen, to moisturize and revitalize every cell of the facial skin. Because oxygen is introduced to the skin at the cellular level, it bonds to red blood cells, providing additional strength to the collagen and elastin fibers, which in turn will helps improve the elasticity of the skin.

Which skin types and conditions are helped by the ECHO2Plus Skin Treatment System?

The ECHO2Plus Skin Treatment System is designed for ALL skin types: light to dark, dry to oily, young and old.

Can I wear make-up after my ECHO2Plus Skin Treatment?

After your ECHO2Plus Skin Treatment, it is best to refrain from applying make-up for up to 45 minutes. This will allow ample time for completing the hydration of your skin, as well as providing adequate time for the initial effects of the oxygen to take place in the cells of the skin.

Can I go out in the sun after having an ECHO2Plus Skin Treatment?

Yes. Immediate sun exposure is permitted as many of the vitamins used throughout the treatment process serve to protect the skin. However, we do encourage limited to preferably no sun exposure. The sun is a major contributor to the destruction and aging of the skin.

Is this a Facial?

No. The ECHO2Plus Skin Treatment System is a treatment all by itself. However, many estheticians and physicians are having fabulous results combining the ECHO2Plus Skin Treatment System with Microdermabrasion, Facial Toning, Chemical Peels, and Laser Resurfacing.

What kind of results will I notice after my ECHO2Plus Skin Treatment?

You will notice a "tight" sensation of your facial skin after the initial treatment, though it will look and feel moist to the touch. This "tight" sensation indicates that the oxygen and other ingredients used in the ECHO2Plus Skin Treatment System have effectively reached the skin cells and are beginning the process of nourishing and revitalizing your skin, pore-by-pore.

Can this treatment help acne?

Yes. This Acne Treatment is unique because it is the first professional skin care treatment especially designed to fight acne using real oxygen gas (see below) and skin-friendly ingredients that combine to clear clogged pores, feed and nourish the skin and protect from photo (sun) damage. Oxygen is a natural bactericide - it kills bacteria. An excess of harmful bacteria is almost always associated with acne breakouts. Therefore, by controlling harmful bacteria, we can lessen the potential for infection, inflammation, redness, etc. Another important benefit of oxygen is its ability to speed the skin healing process.


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